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All Guilds Meeting - April 2014

afbeelding van Doobes

The first All Guilds Meeting of spring, and like nature, things have come alive!  A very busy meeting this month.  As always, we bring you the raw and cleansed chatlogs for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a summary of all that happened:

International Hood:

I.H.P:Max and Zeke365 were first up to talk about two of the International Hood's upcoming events.  They will be having a Public Open Hood Day on Thursday, April 24th from 12:00 to 22:00 KI time.  Stop in to discuss projects, stories, websites and ideas that you have.  They will also have Guided Age Tours similar to Zeke's Cavern Tours for those interested in hearing the backstory behind the Ages.  We will report more on those as details become available.

MystiTech Productions

It's been awhile since we've heard from Vector Cramp and crew, but he stopped by to update the crowd on The Lost Art, a machinima project created by him and the MystiTech Productions team.  The project continues nicely, and Vector says there will be something exciting announced very soon!

DIRT - URU Live/PyPRP Importer

Chloe Rhodes was next to speak about two projects.  The first is the PyPRP Importer, which is used to reverse-engineer URU Ages to learn more about how Cyan built their Ages.  This is especially useful to those doing their own Age building.

Next was the official announcement of DIRT - URU Live, a brand new shard that has taken many leaps and bounds as far as the workings and content of URU.  This includes such things as linking the cleft and Descent into one long journey.  There will also be brand new content to see as well.  Those who have subscribed to their Tumblr, or leave a comment on their Youtube channel specifically asking so, have a chance to be part of the beta testing, which should start very soon.

KathAveara/Guild of Linguists

KathAveara came to the stage to mention that the GoL has, thanks to Orz and Cyan's Richard "RAWA" Watson, gained quite a few new D'ni words, which can be found on their site.  They're also celebrating their one year anniversary on the 23rd!  She also encouraged anyone interested in learning D'ni to visit their site and get in touch.

As for her own projects, Kath continues work on her reimagined version of the Book of Atrus.  Her first chaper is online at her Tumblr page.  She encourages everyone who reads it to give some feedback.  Anyone interested can also visit her DeviantArt page as well.

Guild of New Greeters

GoNG was the second group that hadn't been heard from for awhile to stop into the meeting.  Angelmyst made a quick request for anyone interested to help her translate some helpful texts for newbies that she has created.  If interested, be sure to contact her with the language you can translate to at KI # 16195216 or visit the GoNG website and their forums.

Mister Magic

Mister Magic talked a bit about his monthly "Magical Meetings".  The next will be held on April 11th at 13:00 KI time, a laser show in the Magic City.  PM Magic Bot in order to get there.

Next was The Fabulous Magical Treasure.  These are essentially treasure hunts and journeys of discovery using markers and clues to find the goal.  The latest one, "Atrus' Treasure", will be ready in a couple of weeks.  Anyone interested in playing should PM Magic Treasure at KI # 23433946 and say "Start Quest" (no quotes).

One final note was that Myster Magyc (KI # 25093039) is NOT the actual Mister Magic (KI #1255010).

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant quickly stopped in to reiterate that Heritage Night IV will be Saturday, April 12 at 13:00 KI time in the Heritage Night's Hood.  The topic will be "open source".

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe was last to round out the meeting as usual.  Doobes mentioned all the various projects the Guild was working on and how to get involved with them. 

At the end, he announced one such project that had recently been finished: a new Guild of Messengers' Pub!  This new addition is currently being converted for shard use by the Guild of Writers and will hopefully debut (pending admin approval) on Gehn Shard, The Open Cave and possibly the newly-announced DIRT - URU Live shards sometime soon!  You can also see how the Pub has developed over the last several months in the screenshot gallery.


The CAVCON for March was 2.4 as of 3/17/14.  Keep those donations coming in to see more projects and events in the future!


Quite an exciting month!  We'll see what May holds in store for us next meeting!

Translation Note: The Engels version of this content is being displayed because the Nederlands translation is unavailable.